Remote Jets
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Remote Jets is a web shop specializing in remote-controlled model aircraft powered by a turbine engine or electric ducted fan. I, Berto van den Bos (1975), am the founder and owner of Remote Jets. I have been flying model aircraft since I was 14 years old and began with simple throwing gliders. That was fun but eventually you want more, so there was a simple remote controlled motor glider. I had never flown and was not a member of a club but blessed with a very large meadow next to my parents’ house. I have learned to fly myself, and that went well too. Starting the engine, throw box (could not start from the grass) flying and weather countries. Never really damage flown with that box and then stood hours in the pasture to entertain myself. Later, a half-built Bravo bought 20 high wing of MPX, built and I flew over from the industrial area. New set of wings with ailerons and flaps that was even better, never flown with ailerons and flaps but that was fine. And yet once again sought a club and fly there. And expand the hobby. As the years passed I launched Remote Jets in 2013 and today supply R/C Turbine Models, EDF Models, R/C Parts and Equipment. Besides Remote Jets and model flying, I’m working as a flight school aircraft maintenance engineer in Hilversum, since 1995.