Overlander Batteries
Website: www.overlander.co.uk
Tel: +44 (0)1524 793328

Overlander’s fine reputation for quality battery assembly began in 1975 when we started manufacturing packs for electric radio cars. Whilst battery technology and the range of cells and packs has moved on with time, our commitment to meet the needs of industry, commerce and UK Radio Control Modellers has remained constant.

We continue to grow our technical skills and knowledge which has helped us continue to develop and improve our own in-house manufacturing capabilities. We construct packs from both NiMh cells and Lithium Polymer at our factory in Forton, Lancashire. Our trained operatives always conform to our stringent best practices and the manufacturer’s assembly recommendations.

Generally larger bulk quantities of batteries are assembled at our facilities in China. This invariably takes place to strict UK Overlander requirements and specifications and all suppliers are inspected thoroughly. We take pride in visiting our Chinese suppliers and partners on a regular basis which enables us to be confident that all goods produced for us match the quality of our ‘home grown’ products. We are also keen to ensure that there are good working conditions and living standards for these distant workers.

Our mainstream business has grown over from serving the radio control modeller. However in recent years we have grown to manufacture and supply to other areas such as NHS Trusts, industry, aerospace, motorsport and university research departments.

Overlander are an official UK distributor for the market leading Eneloop brand of rechargeable batteries. We undertake both custom battery assembly with these and bulk sales. Later in 2014 by utilising our knowledge of batteries and longstanding relationships with suppliers, Overlander will be launching its own brand of Alkaline AA & AAA cells into the wider battery market. These cells have been carefully selected so that the wider public will soon be able experience the Overlander reputation for quality taken for granted by Radio Control enthusiasts for many years.