Multiplex Cockpit SX 9 Radio Set – NEW 2016

Further information:

Cockpit SX 9 – Channel M-LINK radio control system – it’s never been easier! The MULTIPLEX COCKPIT SX 9 is a development of the popular and proven seven-channel RC system for the forward-looking beginner and the demanding leisure pilot.

The COCKPIT SX 9 is 100% developed and built in Germany. ‘Made in Germany’ quality!

Full-colour TFT touch-screen Efficiently arranged transflective full-colour 3.5″ touch-screen, 320 x 240 pixels, with informative symbols and large, clearly legible numbers and letters.

Legible in sunlight without back-lighting: perfect for modelling. Automatic day / night switching for extreme power-saving when used outdoors. Up to 24 hours transmitter operating time possible.

New Model Assistant: the key to simple, comprehensive programming facilities

Intuitive to use thanks to an ingenious touch-screen design with clearly arranged displays and many self-explanatory graphics. Convenient Model Assistant with extensive facilities for altering values using the touch-screen. Ultra-simple adjustments using a slider, direct value input using the alpha-numeric keypad, and +/- buttons for fine-tuning, ensuring ultra-simple programming of your models.

Super-convenient model memory management

The COCKPIT SX 9 features 200 individual internal model memories; the memories are stored on the internal SD card in .xml format, making it an easy, convenient matter to manage model memories on your PC using USB memory media.

Superlative speech output

With more than 450 words, numbers and phrases it is one of the most advanced systems of its type ever to have been incorporated in a hand-held transmitter.

This system keeps Cockpit SX 9 pilots aware of critical telemetry data and transmitter functions without having to take their eyes from the model. When necessary, the Cockpit SX 9 speaks specific sensor values to you. If an alarm should be triggered, you don’t have to look at the screen to see what’s happened: the Cockpit SX 9 tells you.

Downlink Channel / Telemetry

If a telemetry-capable receiver is employed, the actual voltage of the receiver power supply is displayed on the transmitter’s integral screen. If the voltage falls below a (user-variable) minimum value, an audible signal is emitted as a warning that the receiver battery is almost flat. The radio link quality (LQI) can also be displayed on the transmitter screen as a percentage value – without requiring a sensor.

An additional safety advantage!

It is also possible to display up to eight telemetry values from the model – depending on the sensors connected to the receiver, e.g. battery voltage, current, temperature, etc. – on the screen. Typical uses: motor temperature, flight pack voltage, motor current drain.

The telemetry data can be stored in the model using the optional MULTIPLEX Flight Recorder. Freely configurable on-screen display of sensor values, dynamic display adjustment.

Wireless Trainer mode operations

In its standard form the COCKPIT SX M-LINK can operate both as Teacher and Pupil transmitter. The other transmitter – Pupil or Teacher – can be any M-LINK transmitter with Trainer facilities. The optional COPILOT module is required for Trainer mode operations. The COCKPIT SX provides selective Trainer mode. This allows full control transfer to the trainee or – depending on the trainee’s skill level – the transfer of individual control functions. The Teacher can resume control of the model simply by moving the sticks.