MotionRC Freewing 70mm YAK-130 EDF Jet – Model Aviation

An affordable and enjoyable EDF jet! Read the full review in the April 2016 issue of Model Aviation Magazine!

R/C Model Jets Promo Video

This is a little promo video for our website - ModelJets - The Model Jets website is dedicated to all things related to Radio...

Freewing F-16 Super Scale 90mm EDF Jet Fighter

This is my buddy Odell showing us his brand new Freewing F-16C Super Scale 90mm EDF Jet Fighter in this video. John, Bill, and...

BVM EDF E Bandit R/C Jet

Testing the system on this nice BVM E Bandit, this is a 14s setup.
Acejets, the UK distributor of Fei Bao jets (FB Jets) and Weatronics Products.  View the full product range online from UK authorised Fei Bao dealer, includes rare remote control jet engine model aircraft.
Nitrotrk EDF JETS
R/C Universe
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