Spektrum DX-20 NEW 2016video

Spektrum DX-20 NEW 2016

Spektrum DX-20 Further information: www.spektrumrc.com From its premium construction and comfortable ergonomics to its powerful programming features, the Spektrum DX20 delivers a pro-class flying experience that is...
Composite Falcon Turbine Jet Trainervideo

Composite Falcon Turbine Jet Trainer

One of the popular jet trainers on the market. For details visit www.austars-model.com
JSM Mini Xcaliburvideo

JSM Mini Xcalibur – NEW 2016

JSM Mini Xcalibur Further information: www.ripmax.com The new JSM Mini Xcalibur has been developed to meet the need for a compact, easy to fly yet fully aerobatic...
Futaba T18MZ WCvideo

Futaba T18MZ WC – NEW 2016

Futaba T18MZ WC - NEW 2016 Further information: www.futabarc.com Futaba 18MZ is a worldwide famous, high class model transmitter. To commemorate its glorious history in 2015 F3A...
Multiplex Cockpit SX 9 Radio Set - NEW 2016video

Multiplex Cockpit SX 9 Radio Set – NEW 2016

Multiplex Cockpit SX 9 Radio Set - NEW 2016 Further information: www.multiplex-rc.de Cockpit SX 9 - Channel M-LINK radio control system – it’s never been easier! The...
Acejets, the UK distributor of Fei Bao jets (FB Jets) and Weatronics Products.  View the full product range online from UK authorised Fei Bao dealer, includes rare remote control jet engine model aircraft.
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