Boomerang R/C Jets
Tel: (781) 254-6351

We are home to the Boomerang Brand of R/C Turbine Jets. Whether you are looking to get started in the exciting world of RC Turbine flying or if you are a seasoned pro, you will want to have a Boomerang in your hanger. Boomerang Jets have been serving R/C pilots for over 13 years and have trained more turbine pilots than any other brand (just our opinion). The simplicity of the Boomerang design, from construction, to field assembly and of course very predictable flight manners, makes the Boomerang a perfect choice for any pilot. Boomerang was designed with the short field, grass runway environment in mind. From very short takeoffs to very slow landings you’ll be able to fly a Boomerang jet from places the other jets wouldn’t even dream of flying from. And when it’s time to go home, even the largest Boomerang will fit into a small car. That’s what sets Boomerang Jets apart.