Austars Model
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Austars Model was established in 2007 and located in Sydney Australia. We are the manufacturer and distributor for quality hobby products. We started in 2007 designing and manufacturing large scale sports and Cessna series planes. Our production is based in China and Thailand and our customers from worldwide. Our successful projects include 96 inch Cessna-152, 110 inch/120 inch Cessna-188, 98 inch Cessna-206, 118 inch Cessna-182, 122 inch Yak /Edge-540, and 98 inch Caribou. We are one of the most reliable hobby retailers in the world, supplying large scale planes and associated products, including turbine & gas engine, Jets, UAV, Helicopter, A-Grade LiPo battery, servos, RC boats, RC tanks, RC cars and various hobby products. Our reputation for quality and service can be easily found via the forums. In 2013 we set up our warehouses in ASIA/USA/UK/EURO in order to offer products to individual customer at very lower prices. This is the way how we can reduce costs and provide a lower price. For customers in Australia, you are welcome to inspect our products at our Sydney warehouse. And our worldwide customer can purchase products from our global warehouses at lower prices. And we always try our best to help modelers to solve problems. In Australia we also are very active for supporting and donating to the hobby community. Today is growing. We are dedicated to providing our customers with best experience in purchasing and servicing good quality hobby products. We are different to other online hobby shops: